Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Do I need income protection insurance?
Income Protection is a very useful policy covering your income in the event of illness or injury preventing you from being able to work.  It often covers up to 80% of your income, paid either weekly or monthly, depending on the policy wording.  The main way that Income Protection differs from Workers Compensation, is that it does not have to be a work-related injury or illness in order for you to claim.  However, medical expenses are not covered in the same way as Workers Compensation, only your ongoing income or wages are insured.

If you are thinking about taking out Income Protection, it’s important to speak to a specialist insurance broker who has the relevant licence to sell this type of insurance policy.

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

What are the insurance must-haves bricklayers?
A bricklayer’s primary must-have policy is Public Liability, which covers third party personal injury or damage to property during the course of their manual labouring work. 
Bricklayers should also consider insuring their Tools of Trade anywhere in Australia.  A good Tools of Trade policy will include theft from the open air and theft from unattended motor vehicles which is a common occurrence in the construction industry.
Workers Compensation insurance must also be taken out for any bricklayers with employees.  Bricklayers should also include any sole trader subcontractors who work for them, under their Workers Compensation policy, as sole traders are not able to obtain Workers Compensation for themselves.
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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

What are the insurance must-haves for architects and designers?

If you are an architect or designer, should consider Professional Indemnity a must-have policy.  This will protect you against claims for professional errors associated with your designs, which can often lead to costly financial losses for a third party.  Public Liability is also a risk if you come into contact with the public.  Finally, Workers Compensation should also be taken out for any architects or designers with employees.

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

What insurance do I need as a subcontractor?

The main exposure for any subcontractor is Public Liability, which is third party property damage or personal injury.  Many contractors working in the construction industry need to show proof of Public Liability Insurance before they can commence work.  The level of cover usually has to match that of their principal contractor. 

Subcontractors working in any design, advisory or consultancy-type roles should also consider Professional Indemnity, to cover professional errors relating to their advice and/or designs.  Workers Compensation is also a legal requirement for any subcontractors who have employees.

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

What insurance does a massage therapist need?

Massage therapists are in constant contact with the public, and therefore Public Liability would be their biggest risk to insure.  Some massage therapists set themselves up in shopping centres and must have a minimum of $20 million Public Liability to work there.  If the massage therapist business has a physical address from which they operate, they should consider a Business Package policy to cover Contents, Stock, Glass and possibly Business Interruption to cover their income in the event of a claim.  Workers Compensation is also a legal requirement for any massage therapists who have employees working for them.

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

What insurance do personal trainers need?

The main exposure for personal trainers is Public Liability, due to their high level of interaction with the public. This type of insurance covers them for third party personal injury and/or property damage.  The cover is Australia-wide, which is vital for personal trainers who often work in more than one location.  Workers Compensation is also a legal requirement for any personal trainers who have employees working for them.

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Do I need insurance to sell candles?

In order to sell candles via retail or wholesale channels, you should obtain a General Liability policy for at least $5 million, but preferably $10 million or $20 million given today’s increasingly litigious society. 

The policy should also include Products Liability to cover any third party property damage or personal injury arising from the products themselves.  The stock of candles should also be insured for full replacement value in the event of fire, storm, theft etc.

Furthermore, any retailer with employees must take out Workers Compensation for their staff as a statutory requirement.

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